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Hearts, weddings & ladies in business!


Women in Business – Saving the British High Street BBC News at Six Film < Watch here!

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.  It isn’t that we haven’t got lots of news here, it’s finding time to tell you all about it that is the problem! Love has certainly been in the air this month, we are making lots of wedding rings for couples who are taking the plunge in 2014.  Wedding jewellery is usually one of the last things to organise in your wedding plan, and our bespoke ordering service for rings is perfect for last minute decision makers. We can make plain bands in 2-3 weeks and stone-set in 3-4 weeks.  We have even rescued one very unhappy bride with a special stone-set ring made overnight ready for her wedding after another supplier let her down!

Valentine’s jewellery doesn’t need to be about hearts, but jewellery with heart motifs like this gorgeous silver bracelet are always popular with our customers, whether that’s ladies buying for themselves or chaps buying for their special someone.  Love-hearts never go out of fashion!  Helmsley in Business are working on a special event for Yorkshire Day this year and a wedding dress festival on the 2nd and 3rd of August – weddings from all eras will be showcased with vintage dresses, cakes, and personal mementoes of weddings through the ages in All Saints Church. It will be a great weekend to visit and enjoy many activities on offer here, so “save the date”!

I was very excited to help Federation of Small Businesses launch their latest piece of small business market research via an exclusive on BBC News at Six with home editor Mark Easton.  With more than 50 female colleagues from Helmsley in Business, we made a film about the future of Britain’s High Streets and the fact that women are dominating small High Street Businesses.  A trend which is definitely reflected in Helmsley where more than 60% of businesses are female owned, or partnered, like ours.


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New season – new colour? Enamel Jewellery fits the bill

Bluebell pendant

I was interested to read that blue nail-varnish is “on-trend” but I am no longer sure how long trends last these days, maybe now that I have passed my 36th birthday this month and am on my way to 40?  Not being sure how long things are “on-trend” is probably an admittance you wouldn’t normally hear from someone working in what is essentially a fashion led business, but we don’t tend to buy into fashions & trends here, instead choosing stylish jewellery that will last whatever the fickle fashion is.

Certainly each Summer, blues & greens and pastels do become popular – our Nicole Barr & Fine Enamels range with pretty flowers, butterflies and seaside themes suits more delicate Summer outfits and is beautifully hand- enamelled using various specialist techniques.  They were our first supplier to issue their sales agents with I-pads, a sign of the times, but we always choose jewellery from samples not pictures, so that we are sure each item is wearable, practical and of high quality.

I have recently ordered an I-phone 4 from Vodafone, and will be able to manage our social media better than with my old phone. You can interact with us on Twitter and Facebook as well as Pinterest and find out about new ranges, and old favourites like the Fine Enamel Harebell pendent & earring set (I still call it a Bluebell as do most of our customers, but am in trouble with my Mum who is a keen gardener!) in Summer’s “on-trend” colour blue!

Enamel techniques used in the Fine Enamel range:


Rich translucent glass enamel colour suspended between silver wires

Basse Taille

Intricate engraved silver pattern covered with translucent vitreous enamel gives texture and dimension


Layers of hard-fired enamel applied in recessed areas of silver to create a rich depth of colour and texture.