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Sterling silver bangles

Classic solid plain bangles to the wild and wacky, or more unusual finishes, patterns and shapes are all available at Libby Butler Jewellers.  Some are better worn alone as a feature piece, and others fit easily into your arm collection.  Whatever you choose, they are sure to look super stylish, due to the high quality sterling silver craftsmanship and love that goes into making each one.  We have four different suppliers and cater for very budget, style and occasion across the range of 25+ bangles in the shop at any time.

When it comes to sizing, we stock a range of sizes, and can also offer bespoke sizes for larger or small wrists on particular pieces.  Additionally, we have some clever “hidden hinge” designs that look solid, but actually open for ease-of-fit.  It’s best to pop in and try a few on and see what takes your fancy, and which sits most comfortably over your hand or on your wrist.

Alternatively, give us a call and we can advise.  We don’t upload many of these to the website because our offer changes rapidly, but if you spot one you like, just phone or email to enquire, or buy.